Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults (LACCOA)


LACCOA’s mission is to advocate, advise, and make recommendations regarding the needs and welfare of older adults (60 years of age and older) to the Board of Supervisors, the Aging & Disabilities Department (AD), and other agencies that provide services to older adults regarding their needs, health, well-being, and rights. 


LACCOA advocates for relevant, inclusive, and effective services, programs, and policies for LA County’s diverse aging population.  LACCOA advises the LA County Area Agency on Aging. By guiding comprehensive, coordinated, and culturally responsive community-based delivery system of services throughout LA County, LACCOA is an essential piece in service delivery – and public service – for LA County’s older adults. LACCOA helps to:   

  • Build a culture of learning to educate and inform diverse communities on the needs of an aging society, supported by a service structure required to address identified issues;
  • Provide intentional strategic support, leadership, and subject matter expertise to further the Area Agency on Aging’s goals and make adjustments as needed; and
  • Provide a forum for County departments, community groups, and organizations engaged in aging services, advocacy, and legislative efforts.

Commissioners for Older Adults

The Commissioners for Older Adults serve as advocates for equity, inclusion, and independence within the community they represent. Tasked with advising the Board of Supervisors, County departments, and other stakeholder groups, their primary goal is to ensure that the needs and rights of Older Adults are acknowledged and supported.

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Monthly Meetings


The Commission for Older Adults meets every first Monday of the month at 10:00 a.m.
Meetings are held at 510 S. Vermont Ave, Terrace Level (9th Floor), Los Angeles, CA. 90020. The public is welcome to attend.


Commission Publications (Agendas & Minutes)


The searchable database below serves as a repository for essential documents, including monthly Meeting Agendas and Minutes, for the two commissions under our oversight.
Open access to such materials not only promotes accountability but also encourages collaboration and understanding among stakeholders.

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Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults (LACCOA)

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