Assemblymember Miguel Santiago helps prepare hot meals for homebound seniors and low-income residents in Little Tokyo at JiST Cafe. (Photo Credit: Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)
  • March 26, 2024
  • AD Staff Writer
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Nurturing Nutrition: A Tribute to Care for Aging Adults in Los Angeles County

In the spirit of National Nutrition Awareness Month, Jireh Deng’s recent piece in the LA Times How do you Help Homebound, Hungry Seniors? These Services Deliver Free Meals” sheds light on the crucial need to meet the dietary needs of the aging population in Los Angeles County.

AD's Home Delivery Meal Program in action

The article not only underscores the significance of catering to nutritional requirements but also emphasizes the collective responsibility society holds in caring for its aging members.

The Aging & Disabilities Department’s Director Dr. Laura Trejo who was interviewed for the piece encapsulated this sentiment by stating, “It’s our turn [to take care of our older adults]. In families, you raise the kids, the kids then later help to take care of you. Society does that too.” This underscores a fundamental truth: the cycle of care and support binds communities together.

As we continue promoting good nutrition choices and tools like MyPlate let us reaffirm our commitment to support and uplift our aging population. It is through such concerted efforts that we can build a more compassionate and resilient society for generations to come.

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