• April 12, 2024
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Fostering Collaborative Excellence: Elevating Service Quality

With over ten million residents and countless visitors and workers, Los Angeles County relies on the collective efforts of numerous departments, commissions, and agencies to meet its diverse needs.

One pivotal entity driving efficiency and maintaining high service standards is the County of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission (CPQ). This commission plays a crucial role in assisting public service departments in enhancing their offerings and disseminating best practices throughout the county government.

On Thursday, April 11,¬† Dr. Laura Trejo and the Aging & Disabilities executive team had the privilege of hosting the Quality and Productivity Commission at our headquarters for the first time since the department’s inception in 2022. During this visit, our executive team showcased notable achievements and innovative programs while engaging in discussions aimed at optimizing productivity and service quality.

Visits to all relevant County Departments, including ours, are scheduled within a two-year cycle as part of the Commission’s Strategic Plan. These interactions serve to gain insights into departmental operations and priorities, ultimately facilitating improvements in quality and productivity.

Collaborating with entities dedicated to enhancing the performance of Los Angeles County Departments is both an honor and a testament to our shared commitment to serving our residents with excellence.

For more information, please go to: https://qpc.lacounty.gov/commission-committees/department-visit/


QPC meeting at the AD Headquarters

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