Los Angeles County ADRC Services

To access Los Angeles County ADRC services, you can dial 211 from a cell phone or landline and ask for Los Angeles County ADRC services. You can contact any of our Los Angeles region Independent Living Centers and ask for ADRC services. Or you can visit website to access online resources.

The ADRC provides a range of services, including:

1) Enhanced information and referral services;
2) Options counseling;
3) Short-term service coordination; and
4) Transition services.

An overview of the services is provided next.

Information, Referral, and Assistance

Speak with a live person who will provide comprehensive resources, information, follow-ups, and communication between agencies.

Options Counseling

Identification of goals and needs through person-centered counseling, while coordinating access to a spectrum of long-term services and community support, encompassing both public and private funding sources.

Service Coordination

Short-term coordination for individuals facing crises and urgent situations, with the aim to prevent institutionalization. Typically, this access is available for 90 days or less, serving as an interim solution until a more extended, long-term plan is established.

Transition Services

Assistance for individuals aged 60 and above, as well as persons with disabilities, in transitioning from more restrictive to less-restrictive environments. For example, transitions can happen between hospitals, nursing homes, or other institutions back into the community. The goal is to work with individuals and their families or caregivers to make decisions that match their preferences, values, and financial living standards.

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