Florence-Firestone Community Service Center

7807 S Compton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001
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Florence-Firestone Community Service Center

The Florence Firestone Community Service Center underwent a complete renovation, and it reopened in May 2023, it is now co-located with the Los Angeles County Library and Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. The center serves the Firestone, Florence, and Graham unincorporated areas and other neighboring communities. It is a multipurpose facility designed to offer a wide range of services and social activities providing opportunities for daily learning, skills enhancement, community engagement, socialization, and healthy living for residents of all ages.


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Arts & Crafts Group that focuses on arts and crafts projects; varied dates and times
Cooking Demo Demonstrations that teaches healthy recipes; varying dates and times
Dance Fitness Music is incorporated to exercise to fun high-impact routines; varied dates and times
Chair Exercises All the execise is done while sitting and can include Yoga, stretch bands, etc.; varied dates and times
Public Access Computers / Computer Labs Computers and printers available for the public to use on their won or in a class setting; tablets available at some centers too
Produce Distribution Produce is provided to the community, produce varies by center
Food Pantry & Emergency Food Shelf-stable food is available to individuals and families in need
Congregate Meals Lunch meals on-site at centers for seniors
Youth Training Program Provides at risk and disconnected youth with career exposure opportunities, resources and support to prepare them for future success centers are participating training sites
Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) Centers serve as a training site for individuals participating in job-readiness programs
Title V Centers serve as training sites for subsidized part-time work for unemployed older adults (age 55 or older)
Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR) Birth certificate, death certificate and marriage certificate and licenses and wedding ceremonies are available at the center
Bingo/loteria Game for seniors to play; varying dates and times
Card/Board/Table Games Bid Whist, Canasta, Chess, Checkers, Puzzles amongst others for seniors
Field Trips Community field trips to educational or culturally enriching venues/sites
Riders/Seniors on the Move Community members take the public transit to visit educational or culturally-rich sites
Field Trips Community field trips to educational or culturally enriching venues/sites
Presentation/Workshops – Showcase them somewhere else Variety of topics covered at the center; varied dates and times
Emergency Preparedness Workshops Centers help prepare the community in the event of an emergency
Voting Center/Drop-off Vote-by-Mail Accessible voting is made available to the community at the centers
MASH Meeting/ Neighborhood Association Centers host a meeting that includes local agencies such as city/county representatives, police and highway patrol, and any other government/organization that needs to address a community concern or wishes to
Library A quiet space for community members to access books to borrow or read at the centers
Farmer’s Market Voucher Seniors receive vouchers to use at farmer’s markets
Meeting Room Available Centers have meeting rooms available for organizations to use to provide a service to the community
Adult Protective Service Referrals Center staff are able to submit referrals for elder and dependent adult abuse and neglect on behalf of concerned community members
Utility Assistance Utility assistance provided to income eligible households for SoCal Gas and SCE utility bills; varying dates/times at centers
Fitness Centers Exercise equipment available at the center such as treadmill, elliptical, etc.
Information & Referral Provide information and refer community members to programs/services available
Translation Staff assist translate simple documents for the community
Form Assistance Staff help complete simple forms such as Utility CARE Discount, Jury Duty, etc.


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