Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, Brittney J. Price and AD's Director Dr. Laura Trejo
  • November 11, 2023
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Celebrating Unity and Diversity: LA vs Hate Unveils Final Mural in Summer of Solidarity

Saturday, November 11, marked an inspirational day at the Willowbrook Senior Center as the community came together to unveil the fifth and final mural in LA vs Hate’s Summer of Solidarity.

LA County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, the Aging & Disabilities Department’s director, Dr. Laura Trejo, and many other dignitaries stood along with the talented artist Brittney S. Price to reveal the captivating mural titled “It’s All For You.” This event, organized by LA vs Hate, a county-wide anti-hate program, showcased the culmination of a community-driven initiative that aims to combat hate and discrimination through the transformative power of art.

The LA vs Hate Program:

Launched in 2019 by the LA County Commission on Human Relations, LA vs Hate is a community-centered program designed to unite residents against hate and encourage reporting of hate-motivated acts. The Summer of Solidarity, a public art series, celebrates the diverse communities of Los Angeles, fostering cross-cultural and interracial solidarity. Returning for its fourth annual campaign, LA vs Hate’s United Against Hate Week (UAHW) aligns with a statewide call for civic action to eradicate hate and discrimination that continues to threaten various aspects of our society.

The “It’s All For You” Mural:

The fifth mural in the series, “It’s All For You,” was crafted by the talented Brittney S. Price in collaboration with Willowbrook Inclusion Network, Brotherhood Crusade, LA Commons, and the office of LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell. Each of the five solidarity murals unveiled across LA County conveys messages of inclusion, pride, and the history of groups experiencing high levels of hate and discrimination.

Dedication Ceremony Highlights:

The press conference and dedication ceremony were graced by speeches from influential figures, including LA County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, Ilan Davidson, President of the LA County Commission on Human Relations, and Robin Toma, Executive Director of the LA County Commission on Human Relations. The event also featured addresses from our own Dr. Laura Trejo, Stacy Hill-Williams of Brotherhood Crusade, Karen Mack, CEO of LA Commons, Reginald Johnson, Founder of Willowbrook Inclusion Network, and poet Shandela Contreras. Additionally, a courageous hate victim shared their story, emphasizing the importance of reporting incidents to LA vs Hate.

Community Celebration:

Following the dedication ceremony, the community came together for a celebration that included family-friendly activities, food, and dance performances by the Willowbrook Center Senior Line Dancers. Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell expressed gratitude towards LA vs Hate and all community partners, stating, “This unveiling is the culmination of residents across Willowbrook and South LA coming together to pay homage to the history of their communities while working to create a brighter future.”

As the final mural in the Summer of Solidarity program, “It’s All For You” stands as a powerful reminder of the possibilities that arise when communities unite against hate. The LA vs Hate initiative, with its series of murals, not only celebrates diversity but also serves as a vital tool in raising awareness about the county’s hate reporting system. In times when hate and discrimination persist, this mural and the entire Summer of Solidarity project encourage residents to stand together, report incidents, and contribute to creating a more inclusive and compassionate Los Angeles.

This series of five murals across the five LA County districts also seeks to remind residents of the County’s hate reporting system, where anyone can report an act of hate and receive free and confidential support by calling 2-1-1, or by filing a report online at

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For more information and to report acts of hate and discrimination, visit

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