Tracking Technology

Project Lifesaver

Sometimes those living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism go missing. Los Angeles County is proud to partner with Project Lifesaver to help find them when it happens.

Project Lifesaver provides a voluntary system of trackable bracelets for at-risk individuals. The bracelet works by emitting a radio frequency (RF) signal every couple of seconds.

When an individual wearing a bracelet goes missing, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deploys a specially equipped team to assist with search and rescue. Weather permitting, the Sheriff’s Department can also deploy helicopter with receivers to assist the ground search team and help expedite locating the missing person.

When the individual wanders, caregivers are asked to quickly call 911 and advise the operator that the missing person is wearing a Project Lifesaver bracelet. The bracelet is not monitored until the person is reported missing.
To apply for a Project Lifesaver bracelet in Los Angeles County, click here.

Other Technologies

There are other solutions available (such as on cellular, GPS or a combination of technologies) to help with wandering. If you are considering technology to help keep your loved one safe, we encourage you to investigate to determine the best fit for your family’s needs.
For a list of solutions available, click here.

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