Other Tracking Technology

  • Provides timely response to save lives, and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions or disorders
  • Utilizes PLI-1000 Personal Locator System which is a radio frequency tracking system available to member agencies and to caregivers of loved ones who are prone to wandering.
  • National website: https://projectlifesaver.org/

  • Provides three types of tracking solutions: the wearable GPS SmartSole, the Take-Along Tracker 3G stand-along device, and a digital option in the Track My Workforce IOS and Android App.
  • Each of these tracking methods report to our IoT GTX Monitoring Portal, which is accessible through any internet connected device and a Smart Locator app.
  • Website: https://www.gpssmartsole.com/

  • GPS and voice monitoring solution to keep children with special needs safe and well cared-for.
  • The solution includes a wearable GPS device – designed to address sensory issues and a friendly app based on smart analytics. Parents use this product to get alerts for location changes and locate lost child with live updates.
  • Website: https://www.angelsense.com/

  • Sengistix utilizes a wide variety of coordinated sensors to provide a “complete package” of custom monitoring tailored to meet unique individual needs.
  • It allows to continually monitor activity, or lack of activity, through a 24/7 Sengistix Response Center to ensure that individuals are safe.
  • Website: www.sengistix.com

  • Described as the “original Law Enforcement Rescue Program” that electronically tracks people with Alzheimer’s who wander and special needs children.
  • It is a telemetry (radio waves) based tracking system that sends waves much like a local broadcast radio station.
  • The sensitivity of Care Trak telemetry is designed to create pinpoint accuracy with average nationwide location time reported as under 30 minutes
  • Products include: Perimeter System, Mobile Locator, Wrist Transmitter.
  • Website: www.caretrak.com

  • Real-time tracking through EyezOn portal from computer or smartphone.
  • Create safe or unsafe zones, emergency “Help Me” Button, receive emergency alerts by e-mail or SMS at up to 30 contacts.
  • New “Smart Phone” optimized version of the EyezOn portal.
  • Website: www.eyezon.com

  • GPS watch for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, known as the “Freedom Watch”, is a GPS Wandering Tracking and Emergency Alert Watch.
  • It uses RF (radio frequency), GPS, and GSM (cellular network) technology to communicate position data. This technology can detect a wandering event and curtail it by providing relevant and timely location information to the caregiver.
  • Website: www.cybermationinc.com/freedom-watch.html

  • Wearable technology based on Apple iWatch and Samsung Gear devices. Fully independent, no cell phone needed. Can go anywhere there is cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.
  • One touch emergency trigger that conferences in a professional call center (optional) as well predefined friends/family. Streaming of sensor data including Heart rate, location, steps, and movement, including fall detection.
  • Bi-Directional, predefined friend/family may at any point connect to device and speak with individual, as well as check aforementioned sensor data.
  • Water resistant, includes wearable device, sim card, and charger.
  • Website: www.carepoint.xyz

If I Need Help is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization working to reunite those who are lost, disoriented or can’t self-advocate with their loved ones and caregivers.

The organization uses QR Code Technology (which can be accessed by computer or cell phone) to identify a child or individual when they wander.
If I Need Help offers a free online member profile and a series of emergency questions and answers (Q&A’s) that can be edited in real time, emailed or printed in an emergency.

Their customizable iD products include iD cards, & wearables such as shoe/dog tags, patches, pins/clips, & apparel.

Website: https://www.ifineedhelp.org/

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