From Left to Right: Keith Norris, MD, Ph.D., Anna Ziza Lucas Varnado, Dr. Laura Trejo; Norma Mtume and Arleen F. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
  • December 1, 2023
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UCLA’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Community Engagement Research Program (CERP) Recognizes Dr. Laura Trejo as “Outstanding Community Leader”

The UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Community Engagement Research Program (CERP) proudly acknowledged Dr. Trejo’s exceptional contributions during a special ceremony on November 30, 2023.

The recognition underscores Dr. Trejo’s longstanding partnership with CERP, the Clinical and Translational Institute Connections (CTSI)’s Patient Advisory Board, and collaborative efforts that have significantly impacted the community.

Dr. Trejo has been honored as Outstanding Community Leader for the inaugural CTSI CERP Community Partner Recognition Awards. This prestigious accolade recognizes her decades of experience and groundbreaking work as a gerontologist mentoring UCLA clinical scholars.

Arleen F. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., and Dr. Keith Norris, MD, Ph.D., directors of CTSI’s Community Engagement Research Program, emphasized the significance of Dr. Trejo’s selection. They highlighted her unparalleled expertise and commitment, stating, “Dr. Trejo’s decades of experience and amazing work as a gerontologist have not only re-shaped the types of resources available for healthy aging but also contributed to advocating for language justice. Collectively, this has impacted not only the kind of care available to diverse populations in LA County but also how researchers approach and design their work.”

Dr. Trejo’s influence extends beyond individual achievements; her dedication has collectively improved the quality of care accessible to diverse populations in Los Angeles County. This recognition underscores her profound impact on the intersection of healthcare, aging, and social justice.

The ceremony was held at the Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church in Los Angeles. Other luminaries honored at the event were:

Healthy African American Families Phase II (Outstanding Community Organization) Recognized for their exceptional commitment to community well-being and innovative programs promoting health and equity.

Norma Mtume (Outstanding Community Leader) Acknowledged for her outstanding leadership and tireless dedication to improving the lives of individuals within the community.

Anna Aziza Lucas Varnado (Outstanding Community-Engaged Faculty/Staff Member) Honored for her exemplary efforts in bridging academia and community engagement, fostering collaborative initiatives for positive change.

We congratulate Dr. Trejo on this well-deserved honor and express gratitude for her leadership and ongoing commitment to advancing community health and equity in Los Angeles County.

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